Annual Report 2019

54 Capital Management

Vonovia’s management aims to achieve a long-term increase in value in the interests of customers, employees and investors. Within this context, maintaining a degree of financial flexibility in order to be able to pursue the company’s growth and portfolio optimization strategy is crucial. This is why Vonovia’s capital management focuses on ensuring our investment grade rating. The priority is to ensure sufficient liquidity resources and maintain an efficient ratio between secured and non-secured capital components.

As part of the opportunities and risk management of Vonovia, the members of the Management Board are given monthly reports on the development of results and their potential effects on the capital structure.

The equity situation of the subsidiaries is regularly examined.

Vonovia’s equity developed as follows:

in € million

Dec. 31, 2018

Dec. 31, 2019




Total equity



Total assets



Equity ratio






Vonovia plans to continue funding possible acquisitions by an optimal mix of debt capital and equity.

In order to protect itself against changes in exchange rates and interest rates, Vonovia regularly contracts derivative hedging transactions in the case of liabilities with variable interest rates or liabilities in foreign currencies. The Finance and Treasury department is responsible for implementing the approved financing strategy.

Classification of debtors or securities with regard to their creditworthiness or credit quality according to credit ratings. The classification is generally performed by rating agencies.