The 4+2 Strategy

Our reputation and customer satisfaction remain the cornerstones of our strategy. Since 2013, our strategy has been based on four pillars, to which a fifth related strategic approach, our acquisition strategy, was added. These four basic strategic approaches include traditional property management, portfolio management, the financing strategy and the innovative aspect of the Value-add strategy. These four basic strategic approaches entail an increasing proportion of innovative elements for the market. The fifth pillar, our acquisition strategy, is designed to strengthen the impact of the first four strategic approaches as the opportunity arises.

This strategy has proved to be extremely successful in previous years. A comparison of the specific situation in Germany with European neighboring countries has shown that Germany has an efficient real estate market. This has led to the decision to use the expertise we have acquired in Germany in other parts of Europe, too. This is why the “4+1 strategy” was turned into a “4+2 strategy” in 2017. The 4+2 strategy involves internationalization as a further opportunistic approach that is also designed to strengthen the four basic approaches.

The 4+2 Pillars of our Strategy

The 4+2 Pillars of our Strategy (Graphic)

In detail, our 4+2 strategy elements can be described as follows: