Vonovia SE on the Capital Market

  • Shares in Vonovia significantly outperform DAX and Europe Benchmark Indices in relative terms in 2018
  • Dividend: Increased for the fifth time running – Stock Dividend meets with high level of acceptance again
  • First-Ever Corporate Governance Road Show generates keen interest among investors
  • Inclusion in the Sustainability Equity Index GPR IPCM LFFS Sustainable GRES Index

Developments on the International Capital Markets

2018 was a very unsettled year for the international capital markets. Uncertainty regarding future interest rate developments and brewing trade conflicts, coupled with international political tension and fears of escalation, put pressure on capital markets across the globe.

The Dow Jones, for example, lost 6.7% in 2018, with the Dax losing as much as 18.3%. The EPRA index for European real estate stocks also closed the year with negative performance, namely at 1981.17 points, down by 11.7% in a year-on-year comparison.

Looking at the performance of the eurozone’s major industrial sectors, it becomes clear that virtually all segments, including the real estate segment that also includes Vonovia’s shares, came under pressure in 2018.

Development of Industrial Sectors in the Eurozone in 2018

Development of Industrial Sectors in the Eurozone in 2018 (Barchart)
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1st day of trading


July 11, 2013

Subscription price


€ 16.50

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Share capital in €


€ 518,077,934







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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Regulated market (Prime standard)

Indices & weighting Dec. 31, 2018


DAX (2.4%) | Stoxx Europe 600 (0.3%) | MSCI Germany (2.0%) | GPR 250 World (1.7%) | FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe Index (9.8%) | GPTMS150 (2.6%)




EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association)
The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) is a non-profit organization that has its registered headquarters in Brussels and represents the interests of listed European real estate companies. Its mission is to raise awareness of European listed real estate companies as a potential investment destination that offers an alternative to conventional investments. EPRA is a registered trademark of the European Public Real Estate Association.