Sustainability Report 2020

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Digitalization of Processes


Digitalization is becoming increasingly important within our company and in our contact with customers; standardization and simplification allow us to save money, time, working hours and natural resources, while also improving our procedures. For this reason we continuously review our processes to identify areas that could be improved. We have already introduced digital tenant and personnel files, along with a digital technician portal.

Remote working has been given a boost by the coronavirus pandemic and we are making greater use of collaborative digital tools than before. Digitalization is opening up a number of avenues that we can use to work more efficiently, including the Internet of Things, which we use to connect elevators in our properties to central IT systems. We analyze the data they generate with the help of artificial intelligence. This provides valuable information that we can use for predictive maintenance and to detect faults before they occur – meaning that elevators are out of service less often and eliminating the expense involved in repairing significant damage. We want to take what we have learned and apply the same techniques for our heating systems.

Our customer service department uses systems to automatically categorize customer requests to make sure they are directed to the right person. This enables us to respond quicker and more precisely to inquiries from our customers. Our customer app was another important tool for communicating with our tenants in 2020 (see Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality).

We continued to digitalize our internal processes in the reporting year. We began using SuccessFactors modules in our HR department and digitalized HR processes such as reporting absences due to illness. Digital working has been expanded, partly due to the coronavirus pandemic (see Attractive Employer).

We are also taking digital steps in the area of financing and have initiated the financing of a fully digital bond via an online marketplace (see section Attractiveness on the Capital Market).

As we move forward, we want to use digitalization to make our business processes more efficient and more standardized.


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