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Deriving Sustainable Development Goals


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as the framework for action for sustainable development on a global level. The United Nations published the SDGs in 2015 as part of its 2030 Agenda. The 17 main goals, which are broken down into a further 169 targets, address global social, economic and environmental challenges. Achieving the SDGs will require action from all sectors of society, including the corporate sector.

Our sustainability strategy is geared toward international standards and frameworks such as the SDGs. As a company with international operations, we aim to contribute to achieving these goals with our business in Germany, Austria and Sweden. We have used our materiality analysis to identify priorities in this area as well and have identified a total of eight key SDGs to which we want to make a particular contribution at Vonovia:

UN Sustainable Development Goals (Graph)
Our contribution to key SDGs

Environment and climate

SDG 13 (Icon)

Climate protection measures

We align our neighborhoods with clear climate protection targets. The goal of a climate-neutral building portfolio by 2050 is a guiding principle for us. We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in particular by consistently using renewable energies and implementing energy modernization measures in our apartments. We also promote climate protection in our neighborhoods by expanding sustainable infrastructure, for example for electromobility. For all new construction projects, we ensure that we use sustainable resources. See action area Environment and Climate

SDG 7 (Icon)

Renewable energy

Expanding renewable energy use is an important lever for us to achieve our goal of a climate-neutral building portfolio by 2050. To supply our neighborhoods with energy, we also rely on innovative technologies that we use across buildings and combine efficiently within our neighborhoods. This includes research into new generation and storage technologies. When selecting measures, we always keep affordability in mind from the perspective of our tenants. We actively involve them in the process in order to successfully introduce decentralized power generation in our neighborhoods. At the political level, we advocate for a framework that enables all citizens to participate in the energy transition. See action area Environment and Climate

SDG 15 (Icon)

Land ecosystems and biodiversity

With our diverse measures in environmental and climate protection, we strengthen the sustainable use of soils and ecosystems. We attach importance to construction methods that conserve resources as much as possible and use sustainable materials in our new construction projects. In our neighborhoods, as well as at our business site, we implement projects that preserve habitats for animal and plant species and promote biodiversity. See action areas Environment and Climate, Sustainable Construction and Development and Society and Contribution to Urban Development

Homes and customers

SDG 9 (Icon)

Innovation and infrastructure

We carry out research in cooperation with partners from the world of science, driving innovation in the real estate industry and in renewable energies. This is how we explore new technologies and approaches to climate protection in our neighborhoods. Scientific support enables us to better identify successful models and implement them practically. It is precisely our company’s size that enables us to be pioneers of technological but also social progress in the housing industry. See action areas Sustainable Construction and Development and Homes and Customers

Society and contribution to urban development & Sustainable construction and development

SDG 11 (Icon)

Sustainable cities and neighborhoods

More than 70% of our portfolio is located in areas that make up neighborhoods. This is where we design the living spaces for our tenants. We offer them urban and environmentally friendly living at fair and transparent prices. We also pay equal attention to ecological and social aspects in community development. We take demographic change into account and are committed to harmonious coexistence at a local level. We are dedicated to climate protection by implementing energy-saving measures when it comes to construction and infrastructure. When designing residential environments, we pay attention to spaces that promote environmental protection and nature conservation. This is how we create sustainable living spaces in cities and communities for everyone. See action areas Sustainable Construction and Development, Society and Contribution to Urban Development and Homes and Customers

SDG 17 (Icon)

Partnerships for sustainable development

Partnerships help us pool expertise and achieve our goals more effectively. We want to consistently make our neighborhoods in cities and communities more sustainable. Using various participation measures, we actively involve our local tenants, cities and communities. We work with different stakeholders from the fields of politics, research, business and civil society, and regularly exchange ideas with them. In this way, we learn from each other, grow together and drive the sustainable development of the housing industry. See action areas Society and Contribution to Urban Development, Responsible Business Practices and Governance and Future Fitness and the Capital Market

Corporate culture and employees

SDG 5 (Icon)

Gender equality

Transparency, diversity and appreciation are important values in our corporate philosophy. We want to give everyone equal opportunities and are categorically opposed to discrimination of any form. We see diversity as an opportunity for our teams and our business, and as an important element in remaining attractive as an employer. We select our employees on the basis of their qualifications and skills. We also make sure that we take active measures to support women and to open up opportunities for them to assume management and technical roles. This also includes offering more flexible working time models and supporting our employees in balancing work and family life. See action area Employees

Corporate Governance and responsible business practices & Future Viability and Capital Market

SDG 8 (Icon)

Promote jobs and economic growth

We can only be sustainable if we are also commercially successful. As a listed company, we are committed to maintaining clear standards. With our systematic focus on sustainability and ESG criteria, we ensure that we generate growth while remaining attractive in the long term. We offer our employees a good, secure workplace. We create a trusting environment in which violations of rules and laws can be reported. We also ensure compliance with social and environmental standards within our supply chains. See action areas Employees, Responsible Business Practices and Governance and Future Viability and Capital Market 


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