Vonovia SE Carries Out Capital Increase against Cash Contributions in the Form of Accelerated Bookbuilding

On May 11, 2018, with the agreement of the Supervisory Board’s Finance Committee, Vonovia SE increased the share capital in return for a cash contribution, partially using the 2016 authorized capital and excluding a subscription right, by € 26,000,000.00 from € 485,100,826.00 to € 511,100,826.00.

The 26,000,000 new no-par-value registered shares were placed with institutional investors in the scope of a private placement by means of an accelerated bookbuilding procedure and carry dividend rights as of January 1, 2018.

The shares were granted at a placement price of € 38.30 per share, delivering issue proceeds to Vonovia SE in the amount of € 995.8 million before commission and expenses. The net issue proceeds from the capital increase is planned, among other things, for the purchase price payments in connection with the announced takeover offer made to the shareholders of Victoria Park AB.