Challenges, Opportunities and Risks

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In 2017, we concentrated on recruiting trainees for technical occupations in order to further expand our technical service. This brings us into contact with employees at the beginning of their careers, enabling us to prepare them for the specific challenges that we face in our company. This makes us less dependent on the external labor market and mitigates the risk of qualification bottlenecks. A drop in the number of applicants also means we have to increase our commitment to traineeship marketing, test innovative recruitment channels and address more target groups such as those leaving university without a degree. Other challenges that we face include preventing trainees leaving without completing their traineeship and gaining the loyalty of talented young individuals.

If they perform well, all of our trainees have a chance of obtaining permanent employment; our hiring rate over the past five years has averaged more than 83%. This allows us to keep knowledge specific to Vonovia in the company and develop it. Vonovia’s training system is distinguished by individual solutions, a commitment to diversity and, in particular, the promotion of individuals with migrant backgrounds as well as the children of tenants. The training system helps us to expand personnel structures over the long term, systematically renew the workforce and guarantee a constant influx of new knowledge.

Further Training

The rising number of employees enables us to set up more in-house events designed especially for Vonovia, and enter into close cooperation with various education providers. In this way we can purposefully support our employees in their individual development.