Value-add Strategy

The Value-add strategy supplements our core business to include customer-oriented services, e. g., services that are closely related to and/or influence the rental business. As part of this strategy, we continually evaluate additional service ideas to boost customer satisfaction and add the corresponding services to our offering. Those areas of the Value-add strategy that have already been established successfully largely include the craftsmen’s organization, the residential environment organization, multimedia services and metering services. In addition, our services are currently tapping into the area of decentralized energy supplies or home automation.

By ensuring that all technical services, in particular the and modernization services, are assumed by our own craftsmen’s organization, we can make the units more attractive in general and help to boost customer satisfaction. In addition, our residential environment organization consisting of our own employees is responsible for looking after outdoor areas, green spaces, playgrounds and refuse collection points within our properties, particularly in conurbations. We have also established our own caretaker organization in recent years, with employees on hand to provide on-site support for our existing properties. This systematic insourcing allows us to increase the proportion of services we provide ourselves on an ongoing basis, allowing us to ensure that our own employees are on-site in the various property locations. This allows the Group to improve the quality of repair work, react more quickly to customer complaints and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

We want to continue to create new living space in our portfolio in the future as part of our densification strategy. The first set of new construction projects has already been successfully completed and others are in the planning stages. These also include moves to add extra stories to existing buildings. New construction and vertical expansion projects are realized using a standardized series construction system with the help of pre-configured segments, making them much quicker to complete. Modular construction using pre-configured elements allows standardization and scaling at a low cost, while ensuring reliable project implementation at the same time. We want to implement our projects with our own qualified employees in the future, also in projects relating to new construction and neighborhood development.

Maintenance covers the measures that are necessary to ensure that the property can continue to be used as intended over its useful life and that eliminate structural and other defects caused by wear and tear, age and weathering effects.