Modernization in Response to Tenant Request

We are also expanding the support we provide to our older tenants in the Value-add Business: In particular, senior-friendly apartment conversions and bathroom renovation in response to tenant request respond to the needs of our tenants. Installing walk-in showers and using tiles that minimize the risk of slipping make the bathrooms more convenient for older customers. Vonovia can buy the materials that it needs in bulk, keeping the costs for tenants low. We installed more than 1,000 bathrooms in response to tenant requests in 2017. Our aim for the coming years is to keep the number of bathrooms installed in response to tenant requests at a consistently high level.

Following the successful conclusion of the pilot phase in the previous year, the kitchen modernization in response to tenant request offering was rolled out across the board in 2017. The offering includes customized kitchen modules that are a perfect fit for each type of building as well as added extras that tenants can select themselves. Individual plans can also be taken into account as part of the product standard. If need be, tenants can also select further kitchen renovation measures such as new tiles, wallpapering and painting work, new flooring and the installation of new power and water points in the kitchen. Our customers also benefit here from size-related price advantages that arise through our standardized, efficient processes or in the procurement of materials. In 2017, more than 100 kitchens were ordered in response to tenant requests for the first time. We expect this segment to grow considerably over the coming years.

The issue of burglary protection is also relevant for many tenants. Together with the State Criminal Police Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia, we have developed an offering that will significantly increase customer security. The product line includes window and balcony security devices, door protection in the form of reinforced bolts and the installation of resistance class WK2/RC2 apartment entrance doors with or without a digital spyhole. These products are being presented and offered to customers at nationwide roadshows across various locations. Those employed in our technical services organization have undergone extensive training conducted by our cooperation partner, Abus. The plan is to upgrade at least 300 apartments to feature the program’s measures in 2018.