Craftsmen’s Organization

Vonovia has established its own efficient craftsmen’s organization (Vonovia technical service) which assumes responsibility for almost all repair and work for those companies in the Vonovia Group with real estate holdings. This craftsmen’s organization realizes a large part of the Upgrade Buildings and Optimize Apartments investment programs or coordinates the use of subcontractors. This allows Vonovia to carry out a large part of the modernization work itself.

As well as saving costs, the purpose of Vonovia’s own craftsmen’s organization is to ensure that the customer service the Group offers adheres to uniform quality standards and increases these standards on an ongoing basis as well as to exploit the procurement advantages resulting from bundling and standardization. The fact that the Group is able to influence quality and scheduling directly also helps to improve customer satisfaction.

In the 2017 fiscal year, the craftsmen’s organization performed around 586,000 (2016: 679,000) smaller repairs and renovated around 40,000 (2016: 40,000) vacant units. As of December 31, 2017, the craftsmen’s organization as a whole employed a workforce of 4,943 (2016: 3,765), with 3,640 craftsmen (2016: 2,989) working in 20 locations (2016: 18) across Germany.

Vonovia also ensures compliance with the environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations by scheduling regular safety inspections that are performed in all units. The specialized department plans the implementation of corrective measures without delay as and when required and monitors amendments to EHS legislation.

Maintenance covers the measures that are necessary to ensure that the property can continue to be used as intended over its useful life and that eliminate structural and other defects caused by wear and tear, age and weathering effects.