Our Service Promise

Our company has all sorts of relationships with its stakeholder groups. They have expectations of Vonovia that we want to address and meet with the service that we provide as Germany’s leading real estate company. This is why we maintain open dialog with our stakeholders and are committed to the principles of sustainable corporate governance – in economic, social and ecological terms. Compliance with the law is just as much a key cornerstone of our corporate culture as our Code of Conduct, which is an expression of our company values and specifies how we assume our ethical and legal responsibility as a company. We have put an adequate compliance management structure in place to ensure compliance with the law and internal regulations (you can find further information in the chapter entitled “Opportunities and Risks).

Our customers, the tenants, expect to have an affordable home offering contemporary living standards combined with a corresponding package of services. As far as our responsibility towards the general public is concerned, we want to use the holistic neighborhood development projects in order to create a pleasant living environment. At the same time, we want to secure reliable, adequate yields for our investors and be a reliable partner to our suppliers. Our employees play a key role in helping us to achieve these objectives.

Customer Service

For us, systematically making the highest possible level of customer satisfaction one of the company’s top priorities forms the key pillar of top-quality customer service. We want to achieve this primarily by maintaining proximity to our customers and making it convenient for them to contact us.