Society and Customer Interests

In the Non-financial Declaration, the term “customer issues” includes tenant satisfaction, health and protection, portfolio , affordable rents and the creation of living space.

Customers are Vonovia’s top priority. It is their satisfaction with, and appreciation of, our products and services that contribute to the company’s success in the long term. This is reflected in the , the Customer Satisfaction Index, and is an element used in determining Management Board remuneration as a direct, non-financial control parameter. By making extensive investments in maintenance and modernization, we help to ensure that we can offer our tenants attractive and livable homes. The affordability of living space plays a key role. Series construction offers potential for significant efficiency gains, helping to create new affordable living space. We are expanding our new construction program and plan to create 2,000 new housing units in 2019. The final number of housing units completed depends on the necessary construction permits being granted.

Detailed information on relevance, functioning, concepts, due diligence processes and measures, targets and performance indicators topics are detailed in the chapter entitled “Our Service Promise.”

Neighborhood Development

The stakeholder survey as part of the materiality analysis identified neighborhood development as the area that offers the biggest development potential for Vonovia. As a key concept, this area includes not only maintenance and modernization and shaping the residential environment, but also supporting social or cultural facilities or educational institutions. We are planning ten neighborhood development projects in the 2018 fiscal year. We expect to be able to increase the number of neighborhood development projects even further from 2019 onwards. Detailed information on relevance, functioning, concepts, due diligence processes and measures, targets and performance indicators can be found in the chapter entitled “Our Service Promise.”

Donations and sponsorship at Vonovia is also designed so as to benefit the neighborhoods – and, as a result, the tenants who live there directly. We focus on providing support in three areas “Education”, “Culture” and “Community Spirit.” The donations and sponsorship guidelines allow this topic to be tackled in a structured manner. In 2018, Vonovia plans to focus on optimizing its internal processes and expanding its external communications on its social commitment.

Social Commitment

Vonovia uses foundations to show its social commitment by providing support to tenants, the rental environment and in cases of social hardship. The company is currently involved in four foundations: Vonovia Stiftung, Vonovia Mieterstiftung e. V., Stiftung Mensch und Wohnen and Stiftung Pro Bochum.

The Vonovia Stiftung (Vonovia foundation) is a charitable foundation under German civil law. The foundation is committed to social affairs, community life, helping others to help themselves and vocational training. Its mission is to provide help in cases of social hardship to individuals who need assistance, and to promote intact neighborhoods and vocational training. In this respect, the foundation makes a key contribution to shaping and ensuring social and neighborhood cohesion in Vonovia’s properties. It expressly supports active citizenship, personal responsibility and individual initiative within a residential context.

Vonovia Mieterstiftung e. V. comprises an equal number of representatives from tenant associations and Vonovia employees. It aims to foster a sense of community spirit between people from different generations by offering support for young people and senior citizens in the various regions in which Vonovia owns or manages properties.

With its work, the “Stiftung Mensch und Wohnen” (people and living foundation) set up by the former Gagfah, focuses on promoting a residential environment that brings young and old people together, and fosters a sense of community spirit between these groups in Vonovia’s housing developments. The foundation finances meeting places, playgrounds and other assistance and support services with a focus on social activities. The foundation only supports charitable work.

Stiftung Pro Bochum is a cooperation project involving numerous companies based in Bochum to assume responsibility, within the city boundaries, for the city itself and the place where the company has its registered headquarters. The project provides support to cultural, academic and sports-related projects within Bochum, in particular.

Maintenance covers the measures that are necessary to ensure that the property can continue to be used as intended over its useful life and that eliminate structural and other defects caused by wear and tear, age and weathering effects.
CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)
The CSI is determined at regular intervals by means of systematic customer surveys and reflects how our services are perceived and accepted by our customers. The CSI is determined on the basis of points given by the customers for our properties and their neighborhood, customer service and commercial and technical support as well as maintenance and modernization management.