Active Health Management and Work-Life Balance

Preserving the well-being and boosting satisfaction among our employees is something that is important to us. Our Health & Social Affairs department within HR Management bundles all measures relating to health management and work-life balance under one roof.

Our company health management system aims to keep our employees in good health in order to maintain their ability to perform. The measures focus, in particular, on preventative measures and on encouraging employees to take greater responsibility for actively shaping their own health. We offer a varied range of programs covering topics such as stress management, exercise and preventative health.

We have been committed to promoting family life for years now, the aim being to allow our employees to strike a balance between family and work commitments by offering a range of tools designed to meet their specific needs. Within this context, we offer extensive advisory sessions on “childcare” and “eldercare” via a family services provider, for example.

You will find further information on all of the topics covered in this chapter in our Sustainability Report, which is scheduled for publication in June 2018.