Within the Non-financial Declaration, the section on employees includes the topics of initial and further training, health management and occupational health and safety, co-determination, diversity and equal opportunities, work-life balance and the balancing of family and career needs. In line with the results of the materiality analysis, the following section focuses primarily on the topic of initial and further training.

An HR Strategy Focusing on Performance and Responsibility

Our HR management activities aim to ensure performance, appreciation and responsibility together with team spirit. In order to execute our mission and pursue our growth strategy, we need well-trained, qualified employees, because our success rests to a decisive degree on their expertise, commitment and motivation. We recruit suitable individuals to fill our vacant positions using an optimum mix of internal and external recruitment, and by offering relevant further training and vocational training schemes. In order to make sure that qualified staff remain loyal to us and to remain an attractive employer in the future, we offer various health programs to promote our employees’ well-being, help them to strike a balance between their work and family lives and offer them the opportunity to participate in the company’s success.

Equal opportunities and diversity are top priorities in all areas of the company. We employ people from all age groups, genders, various nationalities and cultures and with a whole range of educational backgrounds. We also employ people with varying levels of disability. The nationalities within our workforce, which represents around 60 different nations, alone highlights our commitment to diversity. This sort of diversity is a matter of course for us and is consistent with the diversity of our tenants.

Further Increase in Number of Employees

As an employer, the Vonovia Group had a total workforce of 8,448 employees as of December 31, 2017 (Dec. 31, 2016: 7,437 employees). The increase in the number of employees is largely due to the increase in the number of employees working for the technical service and the establishment of the residential environment organization. These areas were established within the company in order to further boost customer satisfaction. More than 92% of our employees have permanent contracts. At present, around 36% of managers are female.