Climate and Environmental Protection in Our Administrative Buildings

302-3, CRE1

In its climate protection efforts, Vonovia focuses on energy-efficient modernization of its housing stock, since its rented apartments cause most of Vonovia’s climate-related impact. However, we would also like to ensure that resources are conserved in the administrative buildings which we use.

A large proportion of Vonovia employees work primarily in leased office space, especially in our Bochum, Duisburg and Dresden locations as well as in the large metropolitan areas.

In selecting suitable commercial space for planned new rentals, we take into account the energy efficiency of buildings, in order to enable use that conserves energy and reduces the consumption of resources.

In business operations, we optimize the use of resources by using environmentally friendly fittings and office materials. The digitalization of tenant records and internal administrative procedures has already led to a reduction in paper consumption in current business operations.

The use of energy-saving IT and printing technology leads to the optimization of resource consumption, as does compliance with rules of conduct established in part by the landlords regarding the use of heating, cooling and ventilation according to existing energy-saving building concepts.

Within the scope of the company’s business operations, energy consumption through the use of electricity and heating energy at Vonovia’s main administration in Bochum totals 5,692.5 MWh. This corresponds to a consumption level of 268.5 KWh per square meter of office space.

Electricity consumption was reduced by around 1,000 MWh year-over-year, but heating energy consumption increased slightly by around 160 MWh.

The above-mentioned level of energy consumption is due to the fact that Vonovia’s main administration is currently still located within a leased office property. Due to various features of this building, it no longer conforms to today’s requirements for an energy-efficient building.

DGNB Gold Standard Certification for the New Vonovia Headquarters

Vonovia is currently building new headquarters in Bochum. The planned office property satisfies current requirements regarding energy efficiency, energy consumption and sustainability. This office building should be occupied by the spring of 2018 and receive a DGNB Gold Standard certification. 302-3, CRE1

The Second-Generation DGNB Certification System

The Second-Generation DGNB Certification System (graph)The Second-Generation DGNB Certification System (graph)