Our Portfolio


As of December 31, 2016, the Group had a real estate portfolio comprising 333,381 residential units, 85,421 garages and parking spaces and 3,405 commercial units. 58,969 units are also managed for other owners. Most of the properties in the Group’s portfolio are multifamily residences.

According to the latest census taken in 2011, Germany had 23.3 million rented homes (source: www.gdw.de). On this basis, our portfolio in Germany has a market share of approximately 1.4%. Large private companies, including Vonovia, manage 3.2 million apartments, or around 14% of the housing stock. On this basis, Vonovia’s market share amounts to 10.4%. As a result, we are the leading private sector actor in the German housing market.

Our portfolio is distributed across the whole of Germany, with properties located in 660 cities and municipalities. For an overview of the regional distribution of our portfolio and Vonovia’s largest locations, we refer to our AR 2016, Portfolio Structure.

The Group’s real estate portfolio covered 20,781,489 m2 of living area in total as of December 31, 2016, with the average apartment size coming in at approximately 62 m2. The average unit consists of two or three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Key Portfolio Data (Dec. 31, 2016)

Number of Units


Occupancy Rate

> 98%

of units rented out

Total Living Area

20,781,489 m2

Vacancy Rate


Average Apartment Size

62 m2

Average Monthly In-Place Rent

6.02 € per m2

Average Unit

2 to 3

rooms, kitchen and bathroom