Cogeneration and Photovoltaics: the Use of Alternatives to Traditional Energy Production



Solar Modules

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21,300 m2

covering an area of 21,300 m2, roughly
the equivalent of three football pitches

In order to increase the energy efficiency of our apartments, we also use cogeneration units. Cogeneration units are utilized to supply tenants with heat and for efficient electricity production. In 2016, 27 gas-powered cogeneration units were operated within Vonovia’s portfolio. Electricity production was increased to a total of 311,000 kWh, since the number of operating hours rose continuously by comparison with 2015 thanks to the elimination of defects.

We significantly expanded our photovoltaics (PV) business area in 2016. Through the purchase of a major solar portfolio our installed capacity was increased to 3,348 kWp. Around 13,100 solar modules with a module area of approx. 21,300 m2 supply this high level of capacity. This is roughly equivalent to the size of three soccer pitches. In 2016, renewable solar energy-based energy production was thus increased to a total of 3,500 MWh. The volume of energy produced is thus 56 times higher than in the previous year, 2015 (62 MWh). 302-1, 302-4

In late 2016 we implemented our first pilot project, making decentralized energy available for our tenants. As part of our photovoltaics development measures, two PV installations were set up in Mainz in order to supply tenants with low-cost solar power produced on-site. Interested tenants in a total of nine linked-up buildings can opt for this tenant electricity product and then primarily receive electricity from their own roof. In the hours when there is less sunshine, they are supplied with green electricity from the grid, thus ensuring a reliable supply at all times. Delivery to the first tenant will begin in February 2017. 302-4

Electricity Generated by Photovoltaic Equipment


MWh 2016

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MWh 2015