Establishment in the Company

At the highest level, the Chief Executive Officer of Vonovia SE is responsible for the issue of sustainability. The Supervisory Board supports and monitors the issue in the Audit Committee. 102-20

The operational processing of sustainability-related issues is performed via the staff positions and line functions of Vonovia SE. Those who share responsibility ensure that in the course of day-to-day business the joint arrangements are implemented and goals are achieved. These individuals come from the areas of customer service, the residential neighborhood, product management, process management, HR, procurement, accounting, communication and technical services. 102-19

During the preparation and creation of the sustainability report, those who share responsibility meet regularly. Independently of this, they hold discussions in a small group if necessary. In the meetings, the participants involve themselves, among other things, with the agreement of measures, the achievement level of targets and the surveying of report-related issues, information and data. External sustainability consulting supports Vonovia in the development of its sustainability management and the implementation of systems to survey the required key figures.

The next step involves the development of a sustainability strategy, as well as the definition of corresponding goals and the determination of measures arising from them.