Performance of a Materiality Analysis to Validate the Content of the Report

During our preparations for the 2015 Sustainability Report, we identified and prioritized the topics that are material to our company and our business activities as part of a process involving several stages.

Vonovia conducted a stakeholder survey at the start of 2017. The results of the survey allow us to validate the material topics that were identified last year and, where appropriate, to replace them with other topics or add additional ones. As part of this process, we revised last year’s topic list and used it as a basis for the survey.

The survey was conducted both online and in the form of personal interviews. More than 60 internal and external stakeholders took part in the online survey and qualitative interviews were conducted with 22 external experts. The survey participants included representatives from the capital markets, tenants, employees, suppliers and service providers of Vonovia, as well as representatives from authorities, the world of politics, associations, NGOs and academia. The stakeholders were selected based on their knowledge of Vonovia and their sustainability expertise.

The stakeholders were asked about the sustainability topics that they felt were the most relevant to the housing industry. This involved asking them to score the 23 topics mentioned in terms of their relevance and to specify any other relevant topics. An in-house workshop was conducted after the survey to discuss and prioritize the results.

The scores assigned to the individual topics from an internal and external perspective were translated into a materiality matrix (see below). A comparison with the topics covered last year showed that Vonovia already concentrates on the key sector topics. Stakeholders did not deem any of the topics put forward by Vonovia to be irrelevant. The topics raised by the stakeholders themselves are also all topics that Vonovia already addresses. 102-46

We also asked the stakeholders surveyed to assess Vonovia’s performance in the individual topic areas. We were given the best performance ratings in the areas of long-term growth (see Company) and portfolio maintenance (see Fundamentals). At the moment, our stakeholders believe that neighborhood development is the area that offers the biggest development potential for Vonovia. You can find information on the activities we are already pursuing in this area and our plans for the future in chapter Neighborhood Development.

Materiality Matrix


Materiality Matrix (graph)Materiality Matrix (graph)