Regular Training on Governance and Compliance


Vonovia employees are routinely trained on compliance issues, particularly on the issue of combating corruption. Procurement, for which the issue is particularly relevant, receives special training on corruption and criminal law pertaining to corruption. In order to anchor compliance deeper within the company and to be able to inform and train employees about it on a more comprehensive basis, we have designed a special e-learning tool, which will be available to employees beginning in mid-2017 in the intranet.

The Supervisory Board is regularly and comprehensively briefed on the issues of compliance, corruption and existing guidelines and procedures. The Audit Committee regularly receives a compliance report, which reports on suspected cases, measures and training offered on the issue of corruption. 205-2

In the 2016 fiscal year, there were several suspected cases of corruption, which we investigated diligently. However, none of the suspicions were confirmed. 103-3, 205-3

Furthermore, in 2016 – as well as in previous years – we were not aware of any material violations of valid provisions regarding the health of customers that were not immediately remedied. 416-2

Otherwise, there were several non-material compliance violations or suspected cases during the reporting year. This demonstrates clearly that our established system functions well: The cases were reported and addressed and corresponding consequences ensued. 103-3, 419-1