Diversity in the Executive Bodies

All members of the Management Board are male. Based on the legal and financial circumstances, the Supervisory Board made the decision in 2015 to leave the target for the proportion of women on the Management Board to be achieved by June 30, 2017 at 0%.

The Supervisory Board aims to exploit the diversity of its members to perform its supervisory and advisory duties in the best possible way. Indicators of diversity include, in particular, varying degrees of experience and also the proportion of women on the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board members are aged between 46 and 69. Four members are female, bringing the proportion of women on the Supervisory Board to 33.3%. This means that the target set in 2015 of having 25% of the Supervisory Board positions filled by women, i. e. having three women on the Supervisory Board, by June 30, 2017, was exceeded ahead of schedule. 405-1