Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code

With a separate Code of Conduct, we provide the ethical and legal framework within which we act. The Code of Conduct does not set out any detailed instructions for action, but rather describes the conduct guidelines that apply with binding effect to Vonovia’s employees and managers. The focus is on dealing fairly with each other but also in particular on dealing fairly with our customers, business partners and investors. The Code of Conduct specifies how we assume our ethical and legal responsibility as a company and is the expression of our company values, meaning that it forms the basis for an open, appreciative and legally compliant corporate culture. The Code of Conduct features provisions on issues including environmental or health protection, respect for employee rights, dealing with conflicts of interest or interacting with governments and public-sector agencies. 102-16

All employees have been provided with information on the content and binding nature of the Code of Conduct, which can also be consulted at any time on the intranet. All new employees receive a copy with their contract of employment and, by signing their contract, undertake to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

The Business Partner Code forms the basis for cooperation with suppliers and service providers. By signing the Code, our business partners undertake to adhere to the anti-corruption guidelines set out therein. Non-compliance with the Code can lead to significant restrictions or even to the complete termination of the business relationship. 102-16

Both our Code of Conduct and our Business Partner Code pay particular attention to the issue of corruption. Both documents make it unmistakably clear that evidence of corruption will not be tolerated by Vonovia and will lead to appropriate consequences. 205-2