A Broad Range of Stakeholders

Our stakeholders have different interests with regard to our company and exert influence on our company. Our main stakeholders include customers, employees, shareholders, investors and analysts as well as policymakers at the municipal, state and federal levels. Additional interest groups are tenants’ associations, suppliers and service providers, the media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 102-40

Communication and dialogue with these stakeholders are important to Vonovia because we have to be aware of their views, interests and concerns in order to be able to reflect them in our business orientation. 102-42

Stakeholder Groups*

102-40, 102-43

Stakeholder Groups (graph)Stakeholder Groups (graph)

How We Are Involved in Dialogue with Them

(1) Service center, customer hotline, tenant surveys, local offices, caretaker visitor hours // (2) Employee appraisals, works assemblies, works council // (3) IR informational events, presentations, one-on-ones, investor conference attendance, organization of a Capital Markets Day, road shows, (quarterly) conference calls, property tours // (4) Individual conversations between Management Board members, regional managing directors and public affairs specialists with policymakers; local events at properties; attendance of company representatives at events with a policy dimension; attendance of company representatives at events of real estate industry associations; close, regular contact between public affairs specialists and those at the political working level // (5) Intensive contacts at the local level involving specific cooperation and real issues

Regular and close contact exists with suppliers and service providers, the media, NGOs and the public sphere.

* The order reflects the respective degree of influence of the stakeholders