An Ambitious Mission Statement Provides Day-to-Day Guidance


We are responsible for many stakeholder groups (see In Dialogue with Stakeholders). Our main stakeholders are our customers, our employees, our shareholders and investors, and policymakers at the municipal, state and federal levels. In order to live up to their expectations and our expectations of ourselves, we have set out binding principles for our conduct in our mission statement.

The mission describes the company’s core business and its responsibilities towards its stakeholders. As a leading real estate company, Vonovia aims to give people a home:

  • Homes form the basis of our business, which we are constantly enhancing, using our competence and financial strength, in order to set new trends in the housing industry.
  • We offer our customers affordable homes that meet their needs together with housing-related services and reliable customer support.
  • We offer a high level of customer orientation and a scalable business model that aims to establish us as the quality leader in our market.

The vision shows how Vonovia wishes to be perceived by its stakeholders in the future: Our goal is to be held in high esteem as a force shaping the housing industry by all of our partners.

As far as society at large is concerned, we are committed to the idea that “owning residential property implies an obligation” and we aim to act in a manner that embraces the three aspects of sustainability: social, ecological and financial sustainability. We offer our customers more than just a residence – Vonovia provides a home for the whole family. We are on hand to provide reliable service when our customers need us. We want our employees to identify with their employer, Vonovia, thanks to our commitment to putting team spirit into practice, a long-term focus, a culture of appreciation and continual new challenges. The company provides investors with sustainable and adequate yields. We act as a discerning and fair partner to our suppliers.