Corporate Structure

Vonovia operates exclusively in Germany. Its registered office is in Düsseldorf, while corporate headquarters are located in Bochum, Philippstrasse 3 (Dec. 31, 2016). 102-3

The parent company of the Vonovia Group is organized in the legal form of a European corporation (SE) and performs the function of management holding company for the Group. As such, it is responsible for determining and pursuing the overall strategy and implementing it in the form of the company’s goals. It performs property management, financing, service and coordination tasks for the Group. Furthermore, it is responsible for the management, control and monitoring system as well as risk management (see AR 2016, The Company) 102-5

Corporate Structure

Corporate structure (graph)Corporate structure (graph)

* Other shared services areas: audit, UKOM, central purchasing, insurance, investor relations, accounting, taxes

Vonovia’s core operating business is divided into six business areas: the north, east, southeast, central, south and west regions. These are split into business units, each of which is responsible for an average of around 9,300 housing units.

Responsibility for product management, new construction and modernization, acquisition and sales, as well as the commercial and operational support functions, is centralized. 102-2

The management of the business is based on the strategic approaches of the company and is conducted via the three segments: Rental, Extension and Sales. For more information about our corporate structure, we refer to the AR 2016, chapter 'The Company'.