Our Corporate Strategy


Our Group pursues a 4+1 strategy that aims to boost customer satisfaction and enhance Vonovia’s reputation. We also have a financial objective: to boost growth in FFO 1 per share and EPRA NAV per share.

The 4+1 Pillars of our Strategy

The 4+1 Pillars of our Strategy (graph)The 4+1 Pillars of our Strategy (graph)

Our 4+1 strategy can be described in detail as follows:

(1) Property Management: Improving operating key figures through efficient property management, continuous investments and above-average maintenance

(2) Financing: Using an internationally competitive financing structure to ensure adequate liquidity and optimize our financing costs, as well as maintaining our ratings

(3) Portfolio Management: Optimizing building stocks by way of investments, tactical acquisitions and sales

(4) Extensions: Increasing customer satisfaction by way of maintenance and modernization measures, and by offering additional housing-related services

In accordance with our portfolio management strategy and our extension strategy, we do not consider acquisitions to be the only way in which to achieve growth, but rather see them as a further strategic lever. Specifically, this means we do not want to grow primarily through acquisitions. Acquisitions are made only if they increase value and accelerate the impact of the first four strategic approaches.

(5) Acquisition: Continuously reviewing and integrating suitable portfolios into the existing portfolio in order to accelerate growth levers 1 to 4.