HR Development and Internal Further Training


Targeted further training programs are a central component of our HR management. They also strengthen the loyalty of qualified employees to our company.

The goal of our HR development activities is to support our employees in their work. We offer them a broad range of opportunities to individually prepare for our company’s current and future requirements. Our mission statement, our values and our leadership philosophy serve as the basis for all of our HR development tools and measures.

In 2016, we introduced our new HR development tools to ensure that our mission statement is put into practice even more strongly in employees’ day-to-day work. In this respect, special “management training sessions introducing our HR development tools” were offered as well as training covering our summer appraisals where superiors receive feedback from their employees (see Integration of Sustainability Issues).

In addition, our newly developed training modules for managers were launched.

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy (graph)The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy (graph)

The Vonovia Academy forms part of our HR development measures. This includes training and technical seminars, leadership and certified qualification courses. The Vonovia Academy offers our employees a specific and demand-oriented range of courses and thus a large number of opportunities for their professional, methodological and personal development.

In 2016, we consolidated the further training courses offered by the old Deutsche Annington and GAGFAH, thus once again expanding our Academy’s offerings in the field of further training. A particular area of focus here was the reworking of Vonovia’s “Residential Real Estate Caretaker (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)” course, which we have tailored even more strongly to the requirements and challenges associated with this role. Around 30 caretakers began this course in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Seminars on matters of tenancy law, compensation issues arising during apartment handover inspections and the handling of sensitive issues such as unpaid rent, disturbances and noise pollution were further offerings of the Vonovia Academy which proved highly popular in 2016. However, our “Residential Real Estate Caretaker (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)” course and our “Basic Leadership Skills” training series, which we offer in particular for employees who have recently taken up a leadership position or will do so in the near future, were also well attended.

In 2016, a total of 1,023 employees (2015: 1,614) participated in further training, with the number of further training man-days amounting to 2,600 (2015: 5,925). As a result, the further training rate of our company was about 14% (2015: 25%), which corresponds to an average of 0.35 (2015: 0.93) further training days per employee. In 2016, we invested a total of around € 2.5 million (2015: € 2.3 million) in further training for our employees. The decline in the number of participants and man-days is attributable to the fact that the year 2015 was shaped, in particular, by integration training following the merger with GAGFAH and the integration of SÜDEWO (2,500 training days), which no longer took place in 2016. In addition, compared to 2015, it was mainly our technical service which took on additional employees in 2016, where only a small amount of conventional further training takes place (see AR 2016, Optimization of Building Stock). 404-1

We also provide our employees with individual support through in-service further training courses and courses of study like “Real Estate Economist,” “Bachelor of Arts Real Estate” or “Bachelor of Arts Business Administration.” We thus promote the continuous development of new skills and employee motivation.