2016 Once Again the Largest Vocational Training Class at Vonovia

As of December 31, 2016, 420 young people had completed vocational training or a dual course of study at Vonovia – for 14 different professions and a range of different degree courses. In the 2016 vocational training year, 160 new trainees began their careers at our company at 22 locations. This is our largest ever vocational training class. As in the previous year, the focus was on craftsmen trainees, for further development of our technical service and in order to recruit employees right at the start of their careers.


New Trainees
started work at Vonovia in 2016


Professions and Degree Programs
are offered to the trainees by Vonovia

If they perform well, all of our trainees have a good chance of obtaining permanent employment; our hiring rate over the past five years has averaged more than 90%. Vonovia’s training system is distinguished by individual solutions, a commitment to diversity and, in particular, the promotion of individuals with migrant backgrounds. In 2016, we were once again able to expand our training offerings in our commercial and technical fields. Trainees began an apprenticeship to become a dialog marketing specialist with Vonovia’s customer service team for the first time in 2016. Vonovia’s residential neighborhood service has increased its training offerings for the professions of garden and landscape gardener and building cleaner. In recognition of the excellent quality of training provided by Vonovia, the company was singled out in 2016 as an exemplary training company by the German Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW) and received an award from the magazine Focus Money for being one of “Germany’s best training companies.”