Introduction of New HR Development Tools


We introduced three new HR development tools in 2016: annual appraisals, regular HR meetings/HR retreats and summer appraisals. They form the basis for ongoing further development. They underpin our mission statement and encourage mutual respect in our daily relationships. They are also intended to support our managers in their daily leadership tasks and to systematize leadership.

The annual appraisal is an HR development tool which enables each employee to receive regular, structured, respectful and development-oriented feedback from their line manager. In particular, the goal is to assess employees’ work results and conduct at work as well as the potential for their further development. Employees without management responsibility are assessed in terms of their behavior in line with the company’s values, while managers are assessed on the basis of their conduct in accordance with our leadership philosophy. Development objectives and specific development measures may be identified and agreed upon on this basis. 404-3

At our regular HR meetings/HR retreats, superiors can discuss the results of the annual appraisals in two different ways: directly with the relevant member of the Management Board at regular HR meetings or in discussions with their direct superior and other managers at HR retreats. The goal is to gain an overview of talents within the company, to be able to arrive at an early assessment for succession planning and to agree on individual development plans. Regular HR meetings and HR retreats help managers to calibrate their own assessments.

At our summer appraisals, employees provide confidential upward feedback to their direct superior in line with our leadership philosophy. This feedback can be passed on either during an individual interview or in a team setting. The goal of the summer appraisals is to agree on measures for improving working relationships. 404-3

Around 230 managers underwent training as part of the introduction of the new HR development tools.

The HR tool “Magellan” was implemented to support our new HR development tools. It offers an overview of all impending meetings and of the status of each meeting, and documents the development measures agreed upon. A major benefit is the transparency which this provides managers and employees.

A project team in our technical service has specially designed and subsequently tested an annual appraisal questionnaire for technicians. This pilot scheme will continue in 2017, and the resulting findings and any necessary changes will be collected and evaluated.