Occupational Safety at Vonovia


Vonovia attaches great importance to offering its employees a work environment in which they are protected against risks and threats to their health while carrying out their work. To the extent that such risks exist while work is being done, our goal is to minimize them as much as possible throughout our Group by taking appropriate measures and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Organizing Occupational Safety at Vonovia SE


Health promotion and occupational safety are divided up into two separate departments at Vonovia. However, these two departments regularly exchange views within the framework of health circles on overarching issues or on an ad hoc basis in specific cases, together with the relevant company physician and occupational safety specialist.

Occupational safety is a core issue for Vonovia’s facility management department. Following the consolidation of the Group’s newly acquired companies, the different occupational safety organizations were harmonized in 2016. Volunteer occupational safety helpers were identified and designated within the Group’s various companies throughout Germany. The duties of the regional occupational safety specialists and the company physicians of the various service providers have now been assigned to the existing service providers which operate nationwide.

The potential threat to the holding company is relatively low, of course, which is why occupational safety is merely a subordinate process here. This is supplemented by a broad range of preventive measures (see Health Promotion).

Organizing Occupational Safety at Vonovia

Organizing Occupational Safety at Vonovia (graph)Organizing Occupational Safety at Vonovia (graph)

Internal coordinators for occupational safety were appointed in the Group’s subsidiaries in 2016. They manage, for instance, the external service provider and organize occupational safety committee meetings. In addition, a process of defining Group-wide standards has now been initiated, so as to provide more intensive technical support for the Group’s companies in fulfilling their occupational safety tasks and duties.

Vonovia’s subsidiaries have also established occupational safety committees (OSC), which meet regularly. Employee representatives are represented on the occupational safety committees through legally regulated mandates. A regular dialog is held with them to optimize occupational and workplace safety. The representatives of the works councils are notified of any changes on a quarterly basis at the OSC meetings (at the national and regional level) and participate in implementing necessary measures (e. g., reviewing the effectiveness of risk assessments). Occupational safety responds to specific inquiries from works council members individually and directly. No formal agreements were concluded in the sustainability period under review.

In addition, first responders, fire protection assistants and safety officers are trained at all Vonovia locations where employees are regularly present.

Organizing Occupational Safety for the Technical Service


Vonovia’s craftsmen’s organization has its own occupational and workplace safety department in order to comply with the special requirements that apply for a large number of trades. This department is supported by an external service provider whose occupational safety specialists and company physicians provide technical support for coordinators and responsible parties at various locations. In individual cases, the responsible coordinators exchange views with the employees in Vonovia’s health and social affairs department.