Preventive Measures and Risk Minimization As a Core Focus of Occupational Safety


All of Vonovia’s measures are intended to sharpen employees’ awareness of potential dangers – for their own protection and also for their colleagues’ protection. Procedural and operating instructions provide for the danger-free performance of duties. Safety briefings are conducted on a trade-specific and individual basis.

During regular training and instruction sessions, employees are informed and made aware of the safety risks and potential dangers, so that they can take precautions by behaving appropriately.

Icon – Preventive Measures and Risk Minimization (icon)Icon – Preventive Measures and Risk Minimization (icon)

The employees’ instruction sessions incorporate the results of risk assessments (for the craftsmen’s organization, on a trade-specific basis) – this applies for all of the company’s business areas. As well as general safety-related rules of conduct, such as how to behave in case of an emergency, all issues are discussed in the risk assessments for which potential threats have been determined. In addition, necessary measures are determined in case of identified risks. Any instruction sessions held are documented in writing. Where required, the company’s employees – and the craftsmen’s organization in particular – are provided with personal protective gear.

For the craftsmen’s organization, an audit of the applicable risk assessments was launched in the second half of 2016 with effectiveness reviews performed at six different locations. These continued up until the end of the first quarter of 2017 and their findings are currently being processed.

A training course for managers was developed in 2016 for the Group’s internal HR development academy. The goal is to provide managers with a greater understanding of their responsibility, duties and obligations in relation to occupational safety. The legal framework, Vonovia’s occupational safety organization, and tools for the preparation of risk assessments and for employee instruction, such as instruction cards, were core aspects.