Notification and Documentation of Accidents and Injuries


In 2016, due to the various potential risks within the company’s business areas, the reporting obligation for accidents was transferred from the HR department to the departments for occupational safety for administrative activities and occupational safety for technical work (craftsmen’s organization). The frequency of accidents at Vonovia was 51 per 1,000 employees in 2016. Most of the accidents occur during activities performed by craftsmen (see employee key figures). None of our employees has been shown to have a high illness rate or threat of illness due to his or her job. 403-2, 403-3

Injuries are documented in an accident log that must be preserved for five years. Since July 1, 2016, accident reports have been processed separately for Vonovia and for the craftsmen’s organization for statistical purposes. Since early 2017, necessary measures have been determined on the basis of the resulting findings.