Career and Family


For today’s employees, being able to balance their career and family needs is an important factor in their choice of employer. It increases their level of motivation and ability to perform and supports their long-term loyalty to the company.

Vonovia takes this very seriously and supports its employees through a large number of offerings. Within the scope of our “Family and Career” program, we offer our employees various working hours models as well as the option of individual part-time arrangements (the proportion of part-time employees as of December 31, 2016 was 12%, of whom 56% were female). They also receive advice from colleagues in relation to maternity rights, parental allowance and parental leave. 102-8

Part-Time Rate as of Dec. 31, 2016

Part-Time Rate as of Dec. 31, 2016 (pie chart)Part-Time Rate as of Dec. 31, 2016 (pie chart)

In order to support employees in our company who have children, we maintain a partnership with the family service provider PME. If need be, parents can make use of child day care services (comprehensive care at home, regularly or in the event of an emergency) and obtain assistance in finding a day care center as well as for school-related issues like homework and tutoring support. In addition, we offer our employees rapid assistance if day care becomes unavailable at short notice or if schools have days off; for example, at our Bochum location, a parent–child office is available for use by employees. During periods of school breaks, we offer a range of daily and weekly programs for children as well as longer holiday trips through our family service provider PME.

The high rate of return from parental leave clearly demonstrates that our comprehensive support for employees who have children has a positive impact on employee loyalty: More than 70% of all mothers and fathers return to our company after the birth of their child. 401-3

At Vonovia, maintaining a work–life balance also includes support for employees who are nursing relatives. With help from PME, we arrange home-based and hospital treatment, provide advice on the financing of care and senior-friendly home modifications, and offer support for “assisted living.” If needed, we also furnish our employees with legal information, for instance, with regard to living wills, powers of attorney and care directives. Offerings of psychosocial counseling for dealing with illness and the need for care in the family are also part of “Family and Career.”