Our Focus in HR Management: Recruitment and Retention of Employees


Seeking out and recruiting qualified employees who will support us in implementing our corporate strategy and our growth strategy is a core challenge and the key goal of our HR management. For we will only be able to maintain our current level of success if we can find the right people for the right positions.

Where possible, we fill leadership positions with internal candidates. To do so, we rely on a well-planned successor management system as well as a targeted employee development process – whoever does a good job and shows dedication can quickly take on a great deal of responsibility at Vonovia. Where necessary, we also recruit top performers and high-potential candidates from outside our company.

We have many commercial and, in particular, technical positions to fill. In this respect, for recruitment purposes, we use conventional approaches such as job postings on job portals or Vonovia’s careers site and cooperate with employment agencies, but also pursue more innovative approaches such as “speed dating” for craftsmen and gardeners. These measures are supported by communication of our company values, our goals and how we intend to achieve them, and also our attractiveness as an employer.

We also offer diverse and attractive options for a career in the real estate sector for young professionals: internships for our management roles, training for commercial and trade professions, activities as working students, dual-degree programs, and a trainee program.

On attracting the right employees, we attach great importance to encouraging long-term commitments: About 87% (6,507) of our employees have unlimited contracts. We also offer our employees attractive social benefits, various further training measures, health promotion opportunities and working hours models enabling a good work-life balance, (see Health and Balance) in order to strengthen our employees’ loyalty. In 2016, the voluntary turnover rate was 7.3%. 102-8, 401-1