Our HR Management Approach Is in Line with Our Corporate Objectives


Vonovia is a service company, which is why the success of our company rests to a decisive degree on the abilities, motivation and commitment of our employees. The challenges facing the housing industry, developments in its operating environment and evolving customer requirements necessitate continuous ongoing development – of the company as a whole and its services, but also of its employees.

However, our employees’ expectations of their employer are also changing. An employer’s attractiveness and the services which a company offers its employees are nowadays much more important than they used to be. Added extras for employees besides their salary, opportunities for initial and further training to allow them to pursue their professional and personal development, measures which help them to stay healthy, and possibilities for balancing their career and personal life are particularly significant in this respect.

Vonovia’s HR management thus faces the challenge of finding and training the best employees for the right positions, in order to ensure long-term success and continual, efficient implementation of the company’s growth strategy. At the same time, Vonovia needs to be an attractive employer for its employees and to foster their loyalty to the company.

HR management thus has a special significance at Vonovia, since its activities and methods make a key contribution to safeguarding the company’s long-term viability. Accordingly, key issues associated with our HR management are, in particular, targeted initial and further training with regard to our employees’ professional and personal development, health as well as occupational safety – particularly for our craftsmen’s organization, but also a work–life balance that enables our employees to combine their career and personal life in the best possible way. In addition, we aim for a prejudice-free work environment.

As in all other business areas, we pursue a holistic approach to our HR management, aiming for a long-term focus as well as a sense of community.

The mission statement which we developed in 2015 is a key component of our sense of community. Thanks to its clear definition of our mission and our vision, it underpins our activities and serves as the basis for a corporate culture characterized by respect, appreciation and openness (see Mission statement). 102-16

At Vonovia, every employee should be granted the opportunity to make a contribution through their expertise and abilities and to actively shape Vonovia’s success. Further training is thus a priority at Vonovia: The company offers its employees various development opportunities for optimal training and support in line with the requirements of their specific position.

Moreover, health and safety and maintaining employees’ ability to work are of key significance for Vonovia. We offer a series of measures, training courses and initiatives covering occupational safety and accident prevention (particularly for the employees of our craftsmen’s organization) as well as health protection and promotion.

Vonovia offers its employees various working hours models for a better work–life balance. In addition, where desired, a family service provider assists employees during difficult personal situations.

Vonovia sees diversity as a huge opportunity, encourages it and aims to establish a prejudice-free work environment. Vonovia resolutely opposes any form of prejudice or discrimination.