Integration of Refugees

As a growing company, we are continuously looking for employees for our various segments. We need the majority of them in the trades or in gardening and landscaping, for instance, but also for commercial careers in the relevant segments of our company.

We will of course continue to offer refugees the opportunity to apply for these positions and help them to embark upon a regular life in Germany. We have launched a pilot project with Gelsenkirchen job center, through which we have already been able to hire the first group of refugees as construction helpers. The greatest challenges for us are, above all, the regulatory requirements, such as the status of asylum applications and the related waiting periods, the recognition of qualifications, but also practical things such as the lack of a driver’s license or language skills. At least in those areas we can help relatively rapidly and support refugees’ participation in language courses. Furthermore, we have many employees with migrant backgrounds (about 25% in the trades).

Internships have enabled young refugees to gain an initial insight into the world of work and various occupations, while also getting to know our training system. In 2016, three refugees began on-the-job training at our company. We will maintain this commitment in 2017.

For additional information on the structure of our workforce (age structure, gender distribution, share of disabled employees), we refer to the key figures chapter of this report.