Outlook for 2017

Over the next few years, we will continue to focus on further improving the satisfaction of our customers and, as a result, achieving even better long-term customer loyalty.

In 2017, “training and quality” will be established as an independent organizational unit within our customer service organization. This will allow process improvements to be implemented in the day-to-day work of our customer service employees in an even faster and more structured manner.

We also plan to further expand the services we offer our customers via our customer portal and make the portal more user-friendly.

In order to arrive at further detailed results for our properties and to identify the measures that need to be taken to boost customer satisfaction in 2017, we conducted a separate written customer survey in a number of selected neighborhoods in our portfolio in early 2017. The written customer survey allows us to reach a bigger target group. The aim of this additional customer survey is to identify potential for improvement in detail and to use this information to come up with even more targeted measures that can be tailored to suit individual buildings and streets.