Customer Surveys As a Key Management Tool

Customer satisfaction is a key component of Vonovia’s strategic focus. Consequently, the third main key performance indicator alongside FFO 1 and adjusted NAV is the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). It is determined at regular intervals in systematic customer surveys conducted by an external service provider and shows the effectiveness and sustainability of our services for the customer.

We use the customer surveys to address general customer satisfaction aspects, such as image, loyalty and overall satisfaction, and to provide theme-based feedback relating, for example, to customer service, maintenance and modernization measures. The survey results are drawn up at business unit level and are made available to the responsible regional managers. This allows any particular references made by our customers to repair reports, a specific residential building or external installations to be addressed and followed up on directly, and means that corresponding investments and measures can be taken and implemented in a targeted manner. 102-43, 102-44

Our operating business offers additional insight into customer satisfaction through the vacancy rate, tenant fluctuation, and direct feedback from our customers in day-to-day business.

We also calculate the Customer Commitment Index (CCI) on a regular basis. The CCI reflects how loyal our customers are to our company.

In addition to the regular surveys, we conduct event-based interviews on an ongoing basis for the purposes of internal quality assurance. During these interviews, we let customers describe to us directly how satisfied they are with the manner in which Vonovia handled their last issue.

The customer surveys and interviews are key tools for us when it comes to managing customer satisfaction. They help us to better understand our customers’ needs and pick up on any potential for improvement. The fact that we conduct the surveys so often allows us to recognize any changes in customer satisfaction in a timely manner and take the right measures quickly to counteract any negative developments.