Management Approach: Customer Satisfaction As a Key Success Factor


Our company’s economic success and, in particular, the success of our extension strategy are directly linked to the satisfaction level of our customers.

This is why our customers’ satisfaction is a priority within the company and is one of the core aspects of Vonovia’s corporate culture. Accordingly, improving customer satisfaction is the duty of all of the company’s business areas and is something that each and every manager is responsible for.

Icon – Satisfied Customers (icon)Icon – Satisfied Customers (icon)

Both overall satisfaction and customer loyalty
have increased steadily in the past three years.

Our customer satisfaction activities in 2016 continued to focus on taking customer interests into account and we implemented a whole range of measures to improve our services in the interests of our tenants.

This is evident, for example, from the decision we made in 2016 to extend our service hours for our customers: We are now available from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday and between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Another measure is the “courtesy callback” service that automatically calls back customers who were in a queue. The technical introduction of automated callbacks means that we can make appointments more quickly and efficiently, for example.

Vonovia’s customer orientation is based primarily on two pillars: First, our central service center together with local caretakers and our company’s own craftsmen and residential neighborhood organization ensure that our tenants’ concerns are attended to in a timely, straightforward and reliable manner. We also take our customers’ residential environment into account, ensuring that it is livable and attractive and making extensive investments in maintaining and modernizing our buildings.

What is more, as part of our Extension strategy, we offer our customers innovative services to continuously improve customer satisfaction and win their long-term loyalty. In doing so, we take care to ensure, in particular, that the services create added value for our customers and make their housing experience more pleasant.

In everything that we do, we ensure that both the homes we offer and the housing-related services remain affordable for our customers. We can achieve this, for example, through the cost savings we can make and pass on to our customers thanks to our size.

The customer service team works continually on improving our services, for example by further optimizing the interplay between our central points of contact, consisting of around 1,000 employees, who are on hand to help our tenants six days a week for a total period of 73 hours, and on-site employees – craftsmen, caretakers and gardeners. The central management approach creates numerous advantages for customers: It ensures that information is consistent, helps to prevent misunderstandings and increases both the process speed and quality of the service.

The customer satisfaction department works closely with the product management department, which is responsible for launching new services at Vonovia.