Security & Minimizing Hazards

Minimizing Potential Hazards in the Residential Neighborhood

As landlord, we also share responsibility for the health and safety of our customers outside the apartments: For example, we conduct routine safety inspections of our playgrounds. Of course, we also fulfill all public safety provisions without exception so that potential hazards can be minimized over the long term. If the inspections uncover deficiencies or risks, we immediately take measures to eliminate them.

Security in Our Properties

Whether our tenants feel secure in their apartments and living environment depends to a considerable degree on how secure they feel. We contribute to a feeling of security by ensuring sufficient lighting for pathways and car parks, entrance areas and corridors. We are also in the process of piloting various security solutions that customers can choose for themselves. These range from reinforced bolts to more secure apartment doors (see Taking the Population’s Increasing Need for Security into Account).