Health Safety of the Building Materials

In the course of our maintenance and modernization measures, we exclusively use materials in our apartments that do not pose a threat to health and we comply with the related statutory law without exception.

Vonovia’s procurement department stipulates the standard building materials that may be used in the apartments and ensures that they have previously undergone and successfully passed various quality tests. We place a particular emphasis on the potential impact of the materials over their entire utilization cycle through disposal. In 2016, the standard ranges for the main product areas, such as compact radiators, room doors, wall or floor files, were redefined. The criteria mentioned were taken into account in full as part of this process as well. There was no need to conduct any special health and safety checks in connection with the materials used in the reporting year.

Before an apartment can be transferred to a new tenant, it is subject to a standardized acceptance process. This allows any defects in the apartment that could pose a health or safety risk to be identified and rectified before the new tenant moves in.

Of course, legally prescribed tests, such as the Legionella test of drinking water, are routinely conducted. In addition, we personally handle the legally prescribed installation of smoke detectors in the apartments and maintain them regularly in order to ensure their proper functioning.

Renovation work on older properties can require measures to remove asbestos. If this is the case, we carry out all necessary measures in such a way that any danger to our customers is ruled out and the safe removal of asbestos is assured. In the process, we comply with the technical rules for the handling of toxic materials at all times.