Reduction of Noise Pollution

Annoying noise can also harm the well-being of our customers. Although Vonovia’s ability to exert influence in this area is rather limited, we nevertheless take various measures to promote noise-free housing as much as possible.

For properties located on busy streets, for example, we ensure that noise pollution in the apartments is minimized through good window insulation.

During maintenance or modernization measures, construction noise makes impaired living comfort unavoidable. In such cases, we try to make little gestures, for example organizing a BBQ on site to make the situation a bit more pleasant for our customers.

Particularly in connection with our new construction activities, we take a great deal of care to keep the inconvenience for the existing tenants to a minimum. This applies to a particular degree to the addition of extra stories to buildings, as tenants remain in their apartments while the construction work is being carried out. The modular construction system makes a key contribution to keeping the construction period to a minimum, as the apartment modules are already prefabricated when they are delivered to the building site, meaning that they only need to be assembled before work on the interior fittings can commence to finalize the property.

But customer complaints about noise also often relate to noise caused by other tenants or immediate neighbors. In these cases, we focus on promoting a sense of community and try to mediate between the parties in order to arrive at a solution. In addition, by taking measures like posting house rules in different languages, we contribute to creating a common understanding of community and living together.