Good Indoor Climate Through the Right Preconditions

The regular maintenance of apartments according to modern standards and the deliberate selection of building materials allows us to create all of the underlying conditions for a healthy indoor climate, for example to prevent mold formation.

By way of example, the windows installed have a decisive impact on the indoor climate. After all, windows that are poorly insulated or haven’t been sealed properly not only push heating costs up, but also exacerbate the risk of moisture and, as a result, mold formation in the apartment.

To allow our customers to contribute to a mold-free apartment as well, we inform them routinely about how they can ventilate and heat so that the risk of mold formation remains as low as possible.

If mold has formed in an apartment despite all precautions, our craftsmen’s organization takes all necessary measures to eliminate the mold and prevent a new formation of mold. We get rid of any mold immediately and do not ask any questions about who is responsible. The priority for us is ensuring that our customers have a healthy living environment.