Outlook for 2017

The initial experience gleaned in 2016 will prove fundamental for the significant expansion of the new construction volume over the next few years. A further 20 modular buildings and additional series construction projects to add extra stories are already planned for 2017. By the time we have reached the final expansion stage, we plan to be creating more than 1,000 new apartments every year in the future.

We are currently working with regional architecture firms and specialist planners in order to implement the projects. When extra stories are added to existing buildings, the interior fitting process is already handled by our own craftsmen’s organization. Our goal is to realize the specific interior fittings for new construction projects with our own craftsmen’s organization as well. Currently, our own employees are primarily assuming responsibility for coordination with the partner firms.

Vonovia has also set itself the objective of expanding the modular new construction concept and further reducing its construction costs. One possible option lies in optimizing the layout plans for stairwells. This improves the living area factor and reduces the construction costs per square meter of rentable living space without impairing the quality of the apartment.

Vonovia also plans to use construction components it has developed itself, such as balcony systems or windows, in new construction projects or projects to add extra stories in the future.

We also contribute our previous planning and practical experience to the political discussion about affordable construction and housing. For example, through the German Property Federation (ZIA), we were directly involved in discussions of the Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction (Das Bündnis für bezahlbares Wohnen und Bauen) at the federal level. In addition, representatives from Vonovia participated in numerous discussions and political events sponsored by associations, institutes, parties and other institutions. In this, we see an important contribution to a discussion that affects the entire industry.