Successful Completion of the Pilot Project in 2016


In 2016, Vonovia completed its first series-built residential unit with a modular construction in Bochum, which not only complies with all of the valid requirements and laws, but actually exceeds them in part. The building is located within an existing Vonovia development and is a densification project. The infrastructure was already in place and the construction site was already owned by Vonovia, which reduced the costs even further.

Fourteen new turnkey apartments were completed following a construction period of just three months. With rents of less than € 10 per square meter, the apartments meet the requirements for socially acceptable construction.

The additional accessibility requirements that are not actually set to come into force until 2017 as part of the new Federal Building Code for North Rhine-Westphalia were incorporated into the ongoing planning process at short notice. This involved adjusting the number of apartments offering unrestricted wheelchair use accordingly, something that was achieved by altering the modular design.

The pilot project for adding extra stories to existing buildings, which involves 20 apartments in 13 buildings in Dortmund, is currently entering the finalization phase. The interior of the first modular construction has already been completed, meaning that the property can be marketed in the near future.

Successful Completion of our First Series-Built Residential Unit in 2016

Successful completion of our first series-built residential unit in 2016 (graph)Successful completion of our first series-built residential unit in 2016 (graph)

3 Months

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14 Apartments


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