Corporate Social Responsibility

We have focused our attention on the long-term, stable economic development of our business. This requires, first and foremost, maintaining the value of our real estate portfolio and keeping our performance promise to our customers. On this basis, we are achieving the targeted increase in value for our company and long-term growth.

A special responsibility results for us as a company from the object of our business: the renting of affordable homes. We want to live up to this in a comprehensive manner. For Vonovia, the commitment to social responsibility is consistent with our goal of long-term value creation.

Vonovia undertakes extensive efforts to maintain and develop existing properties (, modernization, construction). In particular, this includes measures to improve the energy efficiency of apartments, by which we simultaneously make a significant contribution to climate protection. Well-insulated apartments increase efficiency, while simultaneously reducing ancillary expenses for our customers. Compliance with the regulatory requirements of environmental, energy and rental law is always a material component of our business processes.

By its very nature, our business model deals with very long-term planning horizons: Properties are used for well over 80 years, while maintenance and modernization investments must pay off over the course of 15 to 30 years. This means that we must carefully weigh our decisions, analyzing in detail potential long-term developments.

For Vonovia, housing does not end at the front door: A nice environment is part of a good residential atmosphere. Therefore, together with other social actors, we become involved beyond our buildings and set trends with cities, companies and city planners, as well as with associations, initiatives and, last but not least, with our local customers for the development of entire neighborhoods.

In order to ensure our customers good quality over the long term, we perform as many tasks as possible on our own – via well-trained and committed service employees, caretakers, craftsmen and gardeners.

We are currently developing our sustainability management on the basis of this understanding of sustainability.

At the highest level, the Chief Executive Officer of Vonovia SE is responsible for the issue of sustainability. The Supervisory Board supports and monitors the issue in the Strategy Committee. As a next step, we are planning the medium-term orientation of our company toward sustainability. This includes the development of a sustainability strategy as well as the definition of corresponding goals and the determination of measures arising from them.

Maintenance covers the measures that are necessary to ensure that the property can continue to be used as intended over its useful life and that eliminate structural and other defects caused by wear and tear, age and weathering effects.