Social Commitment via Foundations

Vonovia uses foundations to show its social commitment by providing support to tenants, the rental environment and in cases of social hardship.

With its work, the GAGFAH Foundation “Mensch und Wohnen” (people and living) focuses on promoting a residential environment that brings young and old people together, and fosters a sense of community spirit between these groups in Vonovia’s housing developments. The foundation finances meeting places, playgrounds and other assistance and support services with a focus on social activities. The GAGFAH Foundation exclusively supports charitable work.

The Geheimrat Huber Foundation is a support association founded by the former Deutsche Annington. As a registered association, its purpose, as set out in its articles of association, is to support employees of the company by providing them with cash payments in times of financial hardship, without conferring any legal rights and reserving the right to revoke the payments at any time. Surviving dependents can also receive support in the event of an employee dying.

The Vonovia Foundation is a charitable foundation under German civil law. The foundation is committed to social affairs, community life, helping others to help themselves and vocational training. Its mission is to provide help in cases of social hardship to individuals who need assistance, and to promote intact neighborhoods and vocational training. In this respect, the foundation makes a key contribution to shaping and ensuring social and neighborhood cohesion in Vonovia’s properties. It expressly supports active citizenship, personal responsibility and individual initiative within a residential context.

Further information on our employees can be found in our Sustainability Report.