Training and Development

Company Training: Filling Positions From Within the Company Itself

Training is a top priority within our company. We are proud of the fact that we are continuing to expand our commitment to vocational training on an ongoing basis and in a whole variety of areas. As of December 31, 2016, our company employed a total of 430 trainees (Dec. 31, 2015: 352) training in 17 occupations in 22 locations (150 commercial and 280 technical trainees).

During the reporting year, 68 commercial and 13 technical trainees had reached the first milestone in their careers by successfully completing their traineeship at Vonovia in the summer of 2016.

In recognition of the excellent quality of training provided by Vonovia, the company was singled out in 2016 as an exemplary training company by the German Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW) and received an award from the magazine Focus Money for being one of “Germany’s best training companies”.

New HR Development Tools

In 2016, we introduced our new HR development tools to ensure that our mission statement is put into practice in employees’ day-to-day work. The HR development tools form the basis for ongoing further development. The tools allow development objectives and measures to be identified in a targeted manner, talents to be identified and developed, and measures to be taken to ensure that high-performers stay with the company, as well as ensuring systematic succession planning.

The HR development tools include the annual and summer appraisals. The annual appraisal is a structured discussion in which employees are given feedback from their managers. In the summer appraisal, employees provide their managers with feedback.

Around 230 managers underwent training as part of the introduction of the new HR development tools.

Use of Digital Learning Media

We are represented in almost 300 locations across Germany, which is why knowledge transfer irrespective of location is very important to us. We are making increased use of new technologies such as learning videos, webinars or material that can be accessed on the intranet.

Targeted HR Development

Targeted ongoing and further training forms a key component of our HR management system. Training courses and programs are tailored to suit our needs. Our employees are given the training they need for their current or future positions.

Our certified “Residential Real Estate Caretaker” (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) course is proving extremely popular. This year, it was restructured to focus even more specifically on day-to-day working life, and on the needs and challenges facing caretakers.

Tenancy law and skills for conducting difficult conversations are also extremely important for our caretakers. We equip our caretakers with the knowledge they need in these areas using numerous cases taken from real life.

Individual employees complete targeted training or individual coaching sessions to enable them to assume management responsibility, for example.

Remuneration and Profit Sharing

Vonovia offers its employees performance-based remuneration. Around 50% of employees participate in the company’s success by receiving an amount of up to € 1,600 under the Group works council agreement entitled “Employee Profit Share” and by enjoying access to an employee share program.