Customer Support Aimed at On-Site Service

Vonovia considers the management and rental of homes to be a local business that requires in-depth knowledge of the specific local market conditions, the company’s own properties and customer needs. Local customer service is provided by the Group’s local business units. The close interaction of the departments providing local customer service – New Rentals, Property Management, Technology and Caretaking – permits high flexibility and fast response times in the on-site handling of customers’ inquiries. In order to become less reliant on external service providers, Vonovia has incorporated on-site services into its offering by establishing its own caretaker organization. This brings Vonovia closer to its customers and improves the quality of its customer service.

Our concept based on the on-site presence of our own caretaker and craftsmen’s organization was extended to include the integration of gardening and landscaping employees (residential environment) and ongoing measures to expand our capacities in this area. Our gardeners now complete the network of Vonovia employees who are available for tenants on location. Thanks to integrated collaboration with Vonovia’s caretakers, the Vonovia gardeners are in a better position to judge what is required on-site to maintain the residential environment to the tenants’ satisfaction and also to efficiently and qualitatively develop it in the long term.

Rental points are operated at an organizational level via the business units as a point of contact for customers interested in new rentals on-site. They play a key role in the reletting of units and can be opened and closed in a flexible manner in response to changes in the demand for local marketing.