Customer Satisfaction as a Priority

In addition to the financial performance indicators, customer satisfaction is especially relevant for Vonovia as a non-financial performance factor. Our company’s economic success and, in particular, the success of our extension strategy are directly linked to the satisfaction level of our customers. We compare our service orientation and customer focus with the level of service provided by our competitors, and not only our competitors from within the industry. Rather, we also take industries such as telecommunications or internet trading as a benchmark, making the necessary adjustments to reflect our product promise. In emergencies, for example, our tenants can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We extended the hours during which we are available to answer all additional tenant questions in 2016 and are now open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

We have been conducting a customer satisfaction survey once a quarter since 2012. This survey looks at general customer satisfaction aspects, such as image, loyalty and overall satisfaction, as well as issues relating to customer service, and conversion work. With the help of this survey, we report our Customer Satisfaction Index () and Customer Commitment Index (CCI), which allow us to gain important insights into the perceived satisfaction of our customers in statistical terms and their loyalty to the company. Since we started measuring these indices, both the CSI and the CCI have improved continuously.

In addition to the regular surveys, we conduct event-based interviews with our customers on an ongoing basis for the purposes of internal quality assurance. During these interviews, we ask customers to describe how satisfied they are with the manner in which Vonovia handled their last issue. We are also conducting a written survey among regional customer groups as part of a pilot project to allow us to identify even more specific measures for our regions and the efficient use of resources in specific neighborhoods, streets or units.

The surveys cover all of the key stages in the customer relationship: From their first contact with us expressing interest in an apartment to ongoing contact regarding repair reports and their perception of the company as a whole all the way to the experience of terminating their contract. We want to find out what our customers think of us as a company and what they think of our services. This feedback forms the basis for the ongoing, sustainable optimization of our internal processes and further communication with customers.

The company attaches a great deal of importance to customer satisfaction, which is why the survey results have an impact on the variable remuneration of selected Vonovia employees. This link underscores the close relationship between customer and staff satisfaction, which, from the company’s viewpoint, are mutually dependent.

Maintenance covers the measures that are necessary to ensure that the property can continue to be used as intended over its useful life and that eliminate structural and other defects caused by wear and tear, age and weathering effects.
CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)
The CSI is determined at regular intervals by means of systematic customer surveys and reflects how our services are perceived and accepted by our customers. The CSI is determined on the basis of points given by the customers for our properties and their neighborhood, customer service and commercial and technical support as well as maintenance and modernization management.